Making the most of intelligence information and expert judgments for biosecurity

Mark Burgman *1, Mike Nunn 1, Aidan Lyon 1, Geoff Grossel 1

1 ACERA, School of Botany, The University of Melbourne, VIC 3010, Australia

Biosecurity deals with predicting, finding, identifying and treating pests and diseases on traded commodities. The task becomes more difficult as the volume and diversity of trade increases, exacerbated by the changing distributions of species and the effects of climate change. These conditions create an imperative to improve the efficiency with which agencies search for pests and treat potential exposure pathways. ACERA has been working with DAFF to develop better ways of gathering biosecurity information, to assist it to make better strategic investments in quarantine and biosecurity. The tools include foresight activities, intelligence gathering software and social network analysis. Each tool is outlined briefly, and the presentation describes how they can be used together to improve biosecurity effectiveness.

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