IPM for potato crops: lessons from Australia

Paul Horne *1, Duncan McLeod 2

1 IPM Technologies Pty Ltd, Hurstbridge, VIC 3099, Australia
2 Seed and Field Service (SI) Ltd, 17 Railway Terrace East, Rakaia, New Zealand

An IPM strategy has been developed for Australian potato production and is available for Australian growers.  Biological and cultural controls are the key elements and insecticide applications on potatoes are rare for those using the IPM strategy.  These biological and cultural controls are described. The prospect of potato psyllid arriving in Australia from New Zealand has the potential to destroy the current methods of controlling potato pests.  To prevent such an event occurring we are working on possible IPM compatible control measures for potato psyllid and this work is being done in New Zealand with colleagues from Plant and Food Research. The results of this project have potential for New Zealand potato growers to change to using an IPM strategy modelled on the Australian version.

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