Two Orthopteran species recently established in Northland, New Zealand: Austrosalomona falcata (Tettigoniidae) and Pterapotrechus sp. (Gryllacrididae).

Olwyn R. Green *1

1 Plant Health & Environment Laboratory, MAF, PO Box 2095, Auckland 1140.

This paper reports the establishment of the Australian species Austrosalomona falcata (Redtenbacher, 1891) (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) an addition to the New Zealand fauna in Northland.  The Australian katydid has been collected from two Northland locations on three occasions - 2007, 2008 and 2011, confirming its survival in New Zealand.Additional distribution records of another Australian, a species of Pterapotrechus (Orthoptera; Gryllacrididae) now includes one sighting at Langs Beach, Northland in 2008. This 'winged weta' has previously been reported from Pukekohe since 1990 and Whangapoua on the Coromandel Peninsula in 1997.

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