Dragonfly (Anisoptera:Odonata) diversity from the northern Meta region of Colombia.

Catalina Amaya-Perilla *1, Gonzalo E. Fajardo-Medina 2, Carlos J. Moreno-Fonseca 2, Greg Holwell 1

1 School of Biological Science, University of Auckland
2 Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Colombia

The Dragonflies (Odonata: Anisoptera) are highly diverse in the tropics, representing a major predatory component of ecosystems at both the larval and adult stages. We assessed diversity of dragonflies (Anisoptera : Odonata), for 14 sampling sites in the north of Meta region of Colombia, South America. Sampling took place biannually during May and November for 2003-2011. All the collected material was preserved in acetone immersion for 12 hours and identified to species. We collected 946 individuals from 86 species representing three families: Libellulidae, Aeshnidae and Gomphidae. These ranged from the highly abundant Uracis imbuta (Libellulidae) representing 237 collected specimens with a large distribution in the localities, through to species where only a single individual was collected. We compared the previous study lists made in the country and we report for the first time 17 new reports for the country and 15 new reports for Meta region.

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