Tokoriro taxonomy - web tool

Steve Trewick 1, Prasad Doddala *1, Josephine Fitness 1, Mary Morgan-Richards 1

1 Massey University

New Zealand cave weta (Tokoriro) (Orthoptera: Rhaphidophoridae) are a diverse but poorly studied group. Because cave weta are common in all New Zealand forests and contain a great deal of species diversity they offer an excellent resource for conservation, phylogeography and restoration ecology. However difficulty identifying cave weta genera and species is hampering research. A web based taxonomic tool for cave weta, powered with genetic, morphological and ecological data, will be developed to serve as an informative, simple yet robust online utility. Contemporary software tools considered for designing the website will be discussed. An active engagement with our end-user community is contemplated during the process. The cave weta web tool would enhance public awareness and contribute to species biodiversity informatics while also serving as the primary taxonomic resource for students, researchers and conservation managers working on this group.

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