Auckland Museum Natural History Collections Online

John Early, Curator Entomology *1, Wilma Blom, Curator Marine 1

1 Auckland Museum

Auckland Museum has been steadily databasing its biological collections since 1989 and now has almost 430,000 specimen records across the collecting areas of Entomology (81,500), Botany (240,500), Marine (89,000) and Land Vertebrates (18,800).  Of these ca 2,300 are primary types.  It’s a work in progress. New automontage images of specimens and labels are being added to types and a link to their original description is provided.   Circa 50,000 records are currently available on but this number will soon be greatly expanded as records across all groups of plants and animals are progressively verified and released for public access.  Presently there are ca 24,000 entomology records comprising all primary types, Plecoptera, Hemiptera and Lepidoptera. Coleoptera: Caraboidea, Hydrophiloidea and Staphylinoidea will be added soon. Users can search the online database and download records to a spreadsheet file for manipulation and inclusion in publications.

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