The Larger Moths of New Zealand image gallery and online guide

Robert Hoare *1, Birgit Rhode 1, Alan Emmerson 1

1 Landcare Research

The mission of this three-year TFBIS-funded project was to photograph a male and female of all the 'larger' moth species of New Zealand, and make the images available online. In practice, both sexes of most species belonging to Hepialidae, Zygaenidae, Sesiidae, Saturniidae, Sphingidae, Geometridae, Erebidae, Nolidae and Noctuidae have been imaged, along with a female of the legendary Titanomis sisyrota (family unknown). The result is an online guide to identification of larger moths, and a celebration of their biodiversity and of Birgit Rhode's photography. Use of the guide will be demonstrated, its limitations discussed and some species to look out for highlighted. Pyraloidea are next.

Download (PDF)