The Fauna of New Zealand series: 30 years, 70 contributions, and 10,000 pages

Trevor Crosby *1

1 Landcare Research, Private Bag 92170, Auckland 1142

On 23 December 1982 the first 3 contributions in the Fauna of New Zealand monograph series were published. Their publication was preceded by 20 years of specimen collecting by the systematics group of Entomology Division, DSIR (founded in 1963 by Society Fellow Dr Willy Kuschel): this collecting was needed to provide better representation of groups in the N.Z. Arthropod Collection (NZAC) for the monographic revisions that were envisaged. The series has now published some 10,400 pages in the 70 contributions, with about 17,100 illustrations. Information is available on about 1700 genera and 5000 species of our terrestrial invertebrates, ranging from detailed cataloguing information to full descriptions. In the series 4 new families, 141 new genera, and 828 species have been described. Especially in the days preceding online publication, it provided a publication outlet for New Zealand and overseas researchers that might otherwise not be published. In 1997, the first pages for the series went online on the Landcare Research website (now, so that abstracts, checklists of taxa, and introductory material became more accessible. In 2008 the Editorial Board allowed medium-resolution PDFs to be made available without cost so the information was freely available to all, and in 2010 simultaneous online publication commenced.

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