An acrostic abstract about Acroceridae

Cor Vink *1

1 Canterbury Museum, Rolleston Avenue, Christchurch

Arguably the most interesting family of flies, Acroceridae are very rarely                                         collected. There are ten described species in New Zealand and three new species                            requiring descriptions. All acrocerids are parasitoids and                                                                       only parasitise spiders. Acrocerids have a fascinating biology, which I will discuss. The                           capture of specimens is best done by collecting adults as they                                                              emerge from their spider hosts. Some acrocerid species                                                                       readily visit flowers, where they can also be caught. It is my                                                                intention to revise the New Zealand Acroceridae, but this project will have a long                               duration as I want to sample DNA from each species and examine                                                     adults from each of the species. I appeal to my fellow                                                                          entomologists to be on the lookout for these wonderful insects.

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