Response to the detection of Queensland fruit fly in Whangarei January 2014

Sherly George 1, Dave Voice 2, Diane Jones 2, Disna Gunawardana 1, Shaun Bennett 1, Therese Oliver 1, Alan Flynn *1

1 Ministry for Primary Industries, PO Box 2095, Auckland 1140
2 Ministry for Primary Industries, PO Box 14018, Christchurch 8544

The Ministry for Primary Industries operates a national surveillance programme to detect fruit flies. In January 2014, a single male Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni) was detected in a Whangarei cue lure trap. MPI initiated a response to this detection to determine if a population was present. A field laboratory was set up at Whangarei with containment capability within 24 hours of a response declaration. MPI led the response, working closely with AsureQuality who managed the field operations. This presentation gives an overview of the entomology function in this response.

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