Giant Willow Aphid: a new-comer (?) to New Zealand

John McLean *1

1 NBA Research Committee, c/- 20 Sterling Park, Gisborne 4010

The Giant Willow Aphid, Tuberolachnus salignus, was first formally identified in Auckland in 2013. Large populations were reported throughout New Zealand in 2014 on willows in drought areas.  Willows are important trees on farms for shade and stabilisation of wet seeps on erosion prone hills.  Willows also provide valued pollen and nectar for bees in the spring.  The collection of GWA honeydew in summer and autumn creates a difficult honey to extract from combs.  The honey has an unpleasant taste but is readily collected by several wasp species.  What are the current options for managing this new pastoral pest? 

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