New genera of New Zealand broad-nosed weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae)

Samuel Brown *1

1 Lincoln University

Eligible for student prize

The broad-nosed weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae) form a significant part of the New Zealand weevil fauna, particularly in alpine areas. The Brachyolus-group of genera are characterised by possessing a long ovipositor, and contain the focal taxa of my PhD research. In this, the first major revision of the group since Broun, a number of new genera are revealed, based on morphological examination, and a comprehensive phylogeny inferred from 28S gene sequences. Irenimus is restricted from its current broad definition, to a genus of six species, most of which are undescribed. Most species currently considered in Irenimus belong to an undescribed genus, with great ecological diversity. A second undescribed genus is especially speciose in the northern South Island, with host associations with various Asteraceae. A fourth genus is restricted to high alpine areas in Central Otago ranges. The status of other genera in the Brachyolus-group will also be discussed.

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