Brachyglutine Rove Beetles of New Zealand

Jiawei Shen *1

1 Landcare Research 231 Morrin road St Johns

Eligible for student prize

The tribe Brachyglutini (Pselaphinae) is the only tribe within the supertribe Goniaceritae (Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae) present in New Zealand (Nomura & Leschen 2006). Brachyglutini can be recognised from other groups of Pselaphinae by the following characters: abdominal ventrite I short, often barely visible between the metacoxae, abdominal ventrite II much longer than the first, first visible tergite (T4) often longer or the same length than the remaining tergites, ocular-mandibular carinae present, body often more convex and rounded. There are 8 genera of Brachyglutini in New Zealand (those with asterisks are endemic): Anabaxis, Eupines, Eupinogitus*, Eupinolus, Gastrobothrus*, Physobryaxis*, Simkinion* and Startes. The natural history, geographic distribution and morphology of the genera are briefly reviewed.

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