The marine spider, Desis marina (Araneae: Desidae): new observations and localities.

Cor Vink 1, Bryce McQuillan 2, Angela Simpson *2, Sandra Correa-Garhwal 3

1 Canterbury Museum
2 Photographing Nature
3 University of California

The marine spider, Desis marina, is endemic to New Zealand and lives in the intertidal zone. Despite this spider having such a fascinating habitat and biology, there have been few records of D. marina since it was first documented (Robson 1877). We will discuss new observations about the natural history of D. marina made during a search for this spider to study its silk.  A new population of D. marina was found and observed at Kauri Point, near Katikati.  About 2.5 hours before high tide (at 3-4am) over 50 individuals were seen wandering over sandstone cliffs during a half hour period. After this, the spiders moved into cavities in the cliffs and became very difficult to collect.  We hope that by documenting and sharing these observations we will help other researchers looking for and understanding this species.

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