Fake News and Alternative Facts

Franz-Rudolf Schnitzler *1

1 Landcare Research

Tiny aliens taking blood samples - unidentified creatures from the deep - microscopic jellyfish - Phycosecis limbata (Coleoptera: Phycosecidae) all have been blamed for feasting on human beings causing sleepless nights from itchy swellings on legs and arms for hundreds of beachgoers in the Bay of Plenty. Fake news? Entomologists and want to be scientists are in disagreement on alternative facts. Having been eaten alive myself by a tiny creature on a New Zealand beach I got caught up in the media hype about these human devouring monsters. After some extensive work in sand dunes where P. limbata was abundant I will present some alternative facts. I propose to carry out research in the Bay of Plenty area to uncover the mystery surrounding the MOUNT MAULER.

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