"Tidying up some loose ends....."

Dave Seldon *1

1 University of Auckland, School of Biological Sciences, Private Bag 92019, Auckland 1142

Eligible for student prize

Mecodema (Carabidae: Broscini: Nothobroscina) is a hyper-diverse endemic New Zealand genus with species spread throughout the two main islands, as well as many offshore islands. Using specimens from a number of private and institutional collections, plus new specimens acquired by extensive pitfall trapping, we describe / redescribe the North Island Mecodema species. Species descriptions were composed using 126 morphological characters, which include external structures, as well as both male and female internal structures. There are four new combinations: Mecodema antarctica (Brullea), Mecodema aberrans, Mecodema moniliferum and Mecodema tibiale (Metaglymma); we synonymise M. occiputale under M. curvidens, and M. sulcatum under M. oblongum. We describe 25 new species, 13 of which are found in Northland and Auckland regions, while six are described from Hawke’s Bay / East Cape regions. This research increases the total number of described Mecodema species to 103, and will give a modern taxonomic framework to complete the revision of the South Island species.

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