Management of apple weevil in Australian olive groves

Stewart Learmonth *1

1 Department of Agriculture and Food, Locked Bag 7, Manjimup, Western Australia 6258, Australia

Apple weevil is cited as the second major insect pest of Australian olives by growers in Western Australia and South Australia. Apple weevil affects tree survival, especially in establishing groves, and reduces tree vigour and yield in mature groves.Research on the biology and management of apple weevil showed that weevils are most abundant in early summer, but breeding is delayed until late summer. Control strategies are required at both times – to protect trees from attack and, with later control, to try to significantly reduce the breeding potential of weevils. Effective trunk and foliar applied treatments of olive trees with both synthetic insecticide and products suitable for organic groves can be recommended to growers. With appropriate timing of intervention options, growers may be able to reduce the need for action against this pest. Such strategies would have application in other agricultural situations where apple weevil is a pest.

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