Weevil diversity in a podocarp-hardwood forest fragment in Canterbury, New Zealand

Samuel Brown *1, Mike Bowie 1

1 Lincoln University, PO Box 84, Lincoln, 7647, NZ

Ahuriri Scenic Reserve is a 7 ha podocarp-hardwood forest fragment on the Port Hills of Canterbury, New Zealand. Pitfall trapping was carried out over a year from August 2007 to September 2008. Weevil specimens were removed and identified. Overall, weevil numbers showed significant seasonality, with over 75% being collected over the summer months of November to March. However some species, particularly Abantiadinus nodipennis and Xenanthribus hirsutus were less affected by season than others. Diversity was high, with 30 species representing 26 genera being collected. The majority of these species are rare however, with 75% of specimens representing only six species. This research shows the need for more taxonomic research into weevils with five undescribed species, including three of the five most common species, being found in the reserve. The data set resulting from this project will enable models to be built to determine the influence of vegetation type on weevil presence, and provide a foundation for future research on the community phylogenetics and ecology of weevils in Canterbury scenic reserves.

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